Common sense, creativity, passion...

this is my approach to providing marketing consulting services.

Since 1995, I’ve been working with clients in the professional service, retail, and manufacturing industries to provide simple, straightforward solutions to everyday marketing needs.

I specialize in small to medium sized companies, because it allows me to develop rewarding professional relationships with the people, and a resulting shared passion about their business.

The goal of my services is to help you develop powerful communication tools and programs that will enable your business to attract, satisfy, and maintain both new and existing customers. 

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Logo and identity materials: business cards, etc.

Print materials: brochures, flyers, info cards

Websites: writing, design, development, and SEO

Blogs: set-up, training, ghost-writing, or management

Social media: set-up, training, or management

Advertising: strategy, messaging, design

Publicity: press releases, articles, newsletters

Mail campaigns: email and print, direct mailers

Proposal writing: responses to SOQs, RFQs and RFPs

  1. Presentations: strategy, message, materials, coaching

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Public Agencies

Health Care Professionals

Architects / Engineers / Contractors

Finance and Legal

Retail and Manufacturing

Restaurants and Food Service

Pet Industry and Animal Rescue

Seattle, Washington


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I just cannot express how pleased I am with our new website! This is the new look and technology enhancements that we really needed. You have done a superb job and Pat has really enjoyed working with you. Your skills shine, as the sun is today. Thanks so much!

Diana O. McLeod, President, Northwest Botanicals, Inc.


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I love working with you... thanks so much!

Diane Pottinger, PE

District Manager

North City Water District