Best Goat Cheese from Jumpin Good Goat Dairy • Award winning goat cheese in Buena Vista, Colorado • Sustainable agriculture, humane husbandry, local food education, and darn good cheese making!

The Home of Award Winning Goat Cheese
  in beautiful Buena Vista, Colorado
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(719) 395-4646
Nestled in a beautiful river valley at the foot of the Colorado Rocky Mountain’s Collegiate Peaks, family-owned Jumpin’ Good Goat Dairy produces some of the nation’s most delicious and award-winning goat cheese -- rooted in our dedication to sustainable farming, loving treatment of our goats, and darn good cheese making.
Old World Farmstead Cheese – from our goats to your table
Goat of the Month:  M&M 

Sweet M&M is still smiling at the ripe old age of 15. As one of the original three doelings born on our farm, she helped us start our beloved dairy herd. (We felt triplets were a good omen too!) Clearly she comes from a long-lived line... her sisters Snickers and Ladybug are still with us too!

Likes:  Her grain, sunny mornings, and smiling!

Dislikes: Cold rainy days (no one to smile for!)
What We DO:

•  Amazing cheese (and pork!)
•  Sustainable agriculture
•  Local food systems education
•  Humane animal husbandry
•  Fun hands-on tours

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