KettleCornucopia: gourmet “giant puff” kettlecorn – delicately sweet and salty, low fat, no cholesterol, and gluten free – the popcorn lover’s best alternative!

Kettle Cornucopia    Gourmet Kettle Corn    The Popcorn Alternative


No other kettlecorn features giant, gourmet-style popping corn with such a uniquely delicate balance of sweet and salt. Add in our dedication to value and service... it’s no wonder retailers (and their customers) can’t get enough.


This kettlecorn is beyond anything you’ve tasted before.


Unlike most other kettle corn on the market, we use nothing but high quality, gourmet ingredients with a uniquely light (but terribly addictive) blend of sugar and salt. As a result, our kettlecorn offers your customers a more delicious snack as well as truly healthful option — lower in fat, salt and sugar than other similar popcorn products, with no cholesterol or corn syrup (plus it’s gluten free!). In addition to our traditional style of kettlecorn, we offer four innovative flavors that guarantee your customers will keep coming back for more.

Customers CAN Taste the Difference!

Four Simple Ingredients:

  1. Gourmet “giant puff” corn:  huge, fluffy bites of non GMO corn

  2. Corn oil:  the only way to enhance the nutty flavor of our all natural corn

  3. Pure cane sugar:  lighter and better than corn syrup or beet sugar

  4. Salt: applied with the most delicate touch

Five Healthy Reasons:

  1. Low fat

  2. No cholesterol

  3. No corn syrup

  4. Beneficial dietary fiber

  5. Gluten free!


It’s JUST kettlecorn, right?

Au contraire...

Why Carry Kettle Cornucopia?

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