Lake Forest Park Vote No on Proposition 1: Don’t reward the City of Lake Forest Park’s overspending with higher taxes


Lake Forest Park, it’s time to vote NO on Proposition 1:


38.6% Increase

5 Years, No Cap

Permanent Hike

In the first year alone, the levy rate goes up 38.6% (and this is AFTER a 17% property tax increase just last year!)

After six total years of tax

increases, the total

property tax revenue becomes the new base for computing future taxes

At a time when City, County and State governments have already raised other taxes (including property taxes, car tabs, sewer, drainage and water), the economy is still an unknown, and unemployment figures are hovering around 9% in our state, this steady increase with no limits is not the answer.

Property Taxes will increase EACH year for 5 MORE years

Proposition 1 contains many assumptions and indices which may be invalid based on future economic conditions; possible tax increases could be dramatically affected, with no citizen control. The underlying problem is structural: the City must recognize the limitations of a primarily residential tax base and budget accordingly.

Increased taxes won’t solve the underlying problem

Essential public services are NOT preserved

Don’t reward overspending with more taxes!

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Taxes will continue to increase for five

more years, using the

Consumer Price Index (CPI) with no cap or limit

Ballots Due Aug. 17

You should have received your mail-in ballots by now. Ballots are due August 17 (mail by August 12 to be safe!)

How to Vote:

Proposition 1 is on the BACK side of the ballot... please vote NO!

There is no language in Proposition 1 that requires the City of Lake Forest Park to spend the additional money collected on public safety or essential public services. The underlying problem — balancing the budget — is not addressed by collecting more taxes for a broken budget.


Read the truth about public safety and essential public services...

Worried about losing your public safety and services?  Read more here >







Lake Forest Park Citizens

Have Spoken:


80.3% voted NO

as of 8:15 pm Tuesday night

A very sincere thank you to each and every dedicated volunteer and voter!